How to transfer files over wifi

An easy day-to-day file sharing option which can save you time and energy.

In our day to day life, most of us encounter the need to exchange the data from one device to other devices. There are several offline modes of data transfer available to us but these are time-consuming and limited to one recipient at a time.

I have here discussed the file/directory sharing over wifi/Ethernet connections. The shared folder will be accessible for all connected devices over the same local area network.

Sharing folders/files from laptop/pc to mobile/laptop/desktop

Method 1: Using python server :

  • 1) First of all, connect all devices on the same local area network (LAN). i.e. connect the sender and recipients on the same wifi network/wired LAN for ethernet connection.
  • 2) Let us configure the server from the sender’s device. All below terminal commands are to be performed on the sender’s device. To share the required directory, go to terminal and execute: $ cd /dir_path
  • 3) Now start your own server using the command: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 1234 or using python3 -m http.server 1234 for the python3 server. ‘1234’ is the port used here for communication. Note that the port number can be anything from 0 to 65535 except for some ports which are restricted to use. If commands show an error then install python from the web first and repeat this step.
  • 4) To confirm if the server is working, go to the web browser on the sender’s device and type the following URL: or, where is the local IP address of sender’s device. To see the local IP address type command ipconfig wlan0/ ipconfig en0/ipconfig eth0 for windows and ifconfig wlan0 or ifconfig en0/ifconfig eth0 on Linux/Unix based operating systems.
  • 5) Now for the recipient to access your desired folder, the recipient has to search for, from where your files can be viewed and downloaded at a decent speed. You can share this link with multiple users to share the data at the same time.

Method 2: File sharing using smb/afp protocol :

From mac OS to mac OS/Linux/windows-

  • 1) For this method also all machines should be connected to the same local area network (LAN).
  • 2) On mac OS go to settings → Sharing → Select folders using ‘+’ operator.
  • 3) More users can be added using the “+” operator presented below Users column, a prompt will open for the selected user and its password. Further goto options and select the SMB/AFP options, also turn on windows file sharing for that user.
  • 4) Now you can share the username and passwords to respective recipients or you can share with the whole team with a common username and a password.
  • 5) Now recipients can go → home → (look at sidebar) →select network devices → select the shared folder.
  • 6) The folder can be viewed and accessed with the credentials over the whole local area network.

From Linux OS to Mac OS/Linux OS-

  • 1) On your Linux machine right-click on the required folder for share and select →properties → share
  • 2) If any error occurs regarding the absence of samba software, then install samba software: $ sudo apt install samba
  • 3) Add the linux_user to smb_user : $ smbpasswd -a User_name_of_linux
  • 4) Linux recipients can goto> home →Sidebar → Network → Select the shared folder and enter the credentials provided by the sender.
  • 5) macOS recipients can also go to →the Finder → Sidebar → Locations → network → select the shared folder. If the network location is not visible in sidebar of finder then press ‘command+shift+k’, or ‘command+k’ and enter URL smb://local_ip_of_linux_sender .
  • 6) The key combination ‘command+shift+k’ shows all the available devices on the network → Choose the device →Enter linux_username and password to access files.
  • 7) All the shared files can be downloaded by dragging the files to the required directory/folder.

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